The Groupie is currently the smallest and most affordable lot on offer at the Ecovillage. The Ecovillage Design Team and our guild of local builders are in the process of finalising a suite of very special small house designs to fit the Groupie, which will be offered to buyers as House & Land Packages. As we finalise each set of Groupie designs and costings, we will upload them to the website here. We hope to be able to publish some designs by end of July 2020.

'The Groupie' - sample concept design

The 3D render images and floor plan (below) are initial concepts designed by the Ecovillage Design Team to prove up the model. They are not finalised or costed yet and are for illustrative purposes only. However, we are aiming to be able to offer ‘The Groupie’ House & Land Package at a price from $350,000 all-inclusive.

Click here for information on Groupie Lots (land only).

Groupie House Designs 1
The first house design concept for our Groupie Lots.
Groupie House Designs 2
Groupie house design concept
Groupie House Designs 3

Download our BUILDING YOUR HOME HANDBOOK 2020 for detailed information about building in the Ecovillage including cluster and lot orientation, passive solar design, budgeting, BDGs, LDPs, LCA, ancillary dwellings, materials, bushfire risk and the design assessment process.