Garden lots will be available for those who need a bit more space and / or those who want a large, lush garden, made possible by abundant dam water. They will be perfect for large and extended families, a contractor with a few tools, or someone running a home business.

Garden Lots

  • Approximately 1,500sqm to 2,600sqm.
  • The Stage 3 Garden lots will be available in early 2022.

There will be ample space and, importantly, dam water for private orchard gardens and vegetable beds, a shade house and a shed. They won’t connect to a community garden but will have all the sustainability features of the Ecovillage with access to community open space, walk trails and infrastructure. The Garden lots will be located in two groups that run parallel to Bussell Highway. Accessed via a quiet street within the Ecovillage, these lots will be buffered from the highway by an earth bund, dense plantings and mature trees.

All Garden lots are zoned to allow residents to build an ancillary dwelling (under 70sqm in size), which can be used for extended family and guests, as well as a long-term rental (not short stay) under current Shire planning regulations.

Garden Lots 1
Image taken at Glenarty Road by @russellordphoto