We’re excited to formally release Stage 2 to the market, which comprises a mix of 45 Family, Cottage and Groupie lots across clusters 2A and 2B. There are still a few lots available in clusters 1A and 1C too so check the Ecovillage Plans page for more information.

Stage 2 lots now on sale

Stage 2 lots went on sale in late September and are already selling fast, just through word of mouth and our website. 

cluster 2A plan & pricing cluster 2B plan & pricing

Stage 1 lots are nearly sold out

Stage 1 lots went on sale in May 2020 and we have had an extraordinarily positive response, especially considering the uncertain environment caused by Covid-19. However, there are still a few fantastic lots available.

Cluster 1A plan & pricing Cluster 1B plan & pricing Cluster 1C plan & pricing

How do I buy a lot in Stage 1 or 2?

We’re offering another sales presentations and tour for prospective buyers on 24 Jan 2021. Email us on sales@ecovillage.net.au or call the Ecovillage office on (08) 9757 6688 if you would like to register for a tour. Alternatively, visit our Sales Process page to. understand the next steps.

What does Stage 1 and 2 include?

The Village SquarePub, Community Hall and playing field will be constructed in Stage 1-2.

Stage 1 includes 64 lots in three residential clusters comprised of:

Stage 2 includes 45 lots in two residential clusters comprised of:

  • 17 Family lots
  • 17 Cottage lots
  • 11 Groupie lots
Stage 1 & 2 lots selling now 1

When will Stage 3 start selling?

Civil works for stages 2 and 3 are proceeding well on the back of Stage 1 in an effort to ensure there is no sales lag time between stages. Subsequent stages will be released at the discretion of Sustainable Settlements (the developer) as residential clusters fill to facilitate the strong formation of a community within each cluster. 

We anticipate the entire project will take between 5-7 years to build out completely.