The Stage 4 ballot application process was an unequivocal success and we are delighted to welcome more future Ecovillagers into the community. However, there are still plenty of beautiful lots still for sale in Stage 4, as well as 3C Residential / Short Stay, Commercial and Agricultural (3D) lots. Email us for more details.

Current lot sales and future stages

(updated 31 May 2022)

We have lots available for reservation in Cluster 4A, Cluster 4B, 3C and 4D Residential / Short Stay lots, Commercial lots and 3D Agricultural lots Sales documentation for all these lots will be available soon.

We anticipate releasing Stage 5 for sale to the market in around September 2022 with lot titles available in approximately January 2023. We expect the entire project will take between 5-7 years to build out completely.

Cluster 4A lots plan & pricing Cluster 4B lots plan & pricing 3C residential / short stay lots plan & pricing 4D residential / short stay lots plan & pricing Commercial lots plan & pricing Agricultural lots plan & pricing

Guided sales tour of Stage 4

We are taking a break from Sunday Stage 4 tours for a couple of weeks while the civil works are completed, after which we hope to offer a more flexible tour schedule.

Please check our Events Calendar for details. Tour registration is mandatory, so please email us on [email protected] or call the Ecovillage office on (08) 9757 6688 if you would like to book a tour.

…or take a self-guided tour

You are also now able to freely drive through Stages 1-3 (not Stages 4-5) of the Ecovillage on the public roads and walk through Wolghine Square at your leisure.

Watch our Ecovillage Film

We’re absolutely over the moon about our new Ecovillage film, which was published in late September 2021. We’ve been overwhelmed by the joyously positive feedback that has been pouring in from across the world now that the Witchcliffe Ecovillage can now be “seen” by a global audience. The sales enquiries have also gone through the roof! At this rate, we’ll have a bustling community in no time.