The project

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage is designed with an extensive range of onsite infrastructure and services to create an example of sustainable development that achieves:

  • 100% renewable power generation on site.
  • 100% self -sufficiency in water through onsite rainwater harvesting (rainwater tanks and dams).
  • All infrastructure required to enable self-sufficiency in seasonal fresh foods provided by the developer.
  • A local micro energy grid that utilises smart grid technology.
  • All waste water recycled on site.
  • Highly efficient solar passive homes that all front public open space and/or community gardens.
  • Many sustainable employment, small business and education opportunities within the ecovillage.
  • Revegetation and protection of remnant vegetation and creek lines to create wildlife corridors.
  • Extensive shared path network to encourage and prioritise pedestrians and bikes.
  • NBN fiber to each home and business provided.

The project has been recognized within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Witchcliffe Village Strategy and Local Planning Strategy, and the amendments to the Town Planning Scheme are currently progressing through the Local and State planning processes. This project is conditional upon the approval of the Structure Plan and Scheme Amendment and the affordability of any subsequent conditions applied.













Witchcliffe Ecovillage