We want to ensure Ecovillage buildings are as sustainable as possible: from the materials we specify to the building practices of our tradespeople, everything must conform to our Sustainable Building Design Guidelines (BDGs)

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage Design Team has spent countless hours researching and communicating with various suppliers, builders and service organisations to put together a list of recommendations to make life easier for residents starting their building journey. However, this list is not exhaustive nor does it preclude you from choosing other suppliers as long as they conform to the BDGs. 

In some cases, we’ve even negotiated bulk deals on must-have items like rainwater tanks and PV systems, to ensure residents receive the best possible prices on high quality, approved systems that meet our BDGs.

There are several building options available to future residents of the Ecovillage depending on your budget, time, skills and design desires.

You may decide to:

  1. Choose from the fully costed suite of Family, Cottage and Groupie house designs designed in-house by the Ecovillage Design Team and by our guild of builders, which form part of our House & Land Packages; or
  2. Hire an architect or building designer to design your dream bespoke sustainable home and then contract a builder to build it; or
  3. Design and build your own home as Owner Builder, if you have the knowledge and skills to do so.

What is an Ecovillage preferred supplier?

Our preferred suppliers are companies and individuals with whom the Ecovillage team has fostered a good working relationship. Some are longstanding, trusted partners and others are new relationships with providers who are keen supporters of the Ecovillage. All are aligned with our values and produce quality work that we can recommend.

To be listed on our preferred supplier list, a builder or designer must first:

  • have read and understood the Ecovillage Sustainable Building Design Guidelines - Oct 2020 and Local Development Plans

  • be able to show a previous body of work in sustainable building or design

  • have a client who is building at the Ecovillage and go through the design review process with us, and through that interaction give us confidence in your abilities and values

While we are tacitly recommending these service suppliers by listing them here on our website for the benefit of our buyers, Sustainable Settlements is not allied with any provider, receives no commission or benefits, nor does it provide any guarantee of workmanship or service. Ecovillage buyers who wish to make an enquiry or engage with any of the listed suppliers must do so directly (not through Sustainable Settlements).

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