A thriving and prosperous village needs a wide variety of local employment opportunities to provide livelihoods and engage residents in community life.

Providing economic opportunities within the Witchcliffe Ecovillage is an essential part of creating a sustainable community, reducing the need for people to travel elsewhere for work and allowing more time for people to take part in family and community activities. Working locally also gives residents the added benefit of reducing their travelling costs, energy use and pollution, along with the great benefit of being able to charge their electric vehicle (the way of the future) within the Ecovillage direct from PVs during sunlight hours.  

We have provided for the development of a wide range of enterprises that support the goals of living sustainably for Ecovillage residents, as well as catering for tourists and local visitors. Bringing in tourists and the wider community will create jobs and income in providing accommodation, education services, and retail opportunities for Ecovillage artists, makers, and growers.

With the added bonus of NBN “fibre to the premise” provided to every home and commercial lot, residents and businesses enjoy the highest speed connectivity available.