An Ecovillage Pre-designed Home is the easiest (but not the only) way to get started with building your new life at the Ecovillage. Choose from one of our approved sustainable house designs to fast-track your way into an energy efficient, comfortable and beautiful home. 

Ecovillage Pre-designed Homes

The six Ecovillage Pre-designed Homes have been specifically designed for a particular lot type, size and orientation. However, if a small house on a larger lot is what you desire, a Groupie house design also fits nicely on a Cottage lot, as it shares the same orientation. 

These six designs can be built in in timber, hempcrete, straw bale or reverse brick veneer by the builder of your choice. Please contact builders directly for all information including pricing, structural choice, availability and build times.

Choosing a service provider

We no longer have a Preferred Suppliers page or make recommendations as with so many service providers now working at the Ecovillage, we cannot be held responsible for their workmanship or conduct. Now that development at the Ecovillage is well progressed and there are many housing examples for buyers to view, builders’ signs erected and homeowners to talk to, it is much easier for buyers to do their own research and make informed decisions.

House. Land.

We do not offer standard House and Land Packages at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. These two components are purchased wholly separately: buyers enter into a contract with Sustainable Settlements for the land and a separate contract with a builder for their chosen home.

“The Holiday-maker” pricing

Sustainable Settlements commissioned Arcologic to design “The Holiday-maker” specifically for the Tourism lots, which are currently being subdivided ready for sale in 2023. Tate Construction won the tender to price and build this design on the Tourism lots only. However, this design can be used on any lot that is at least 30m long (it fits on all the 4D Short Stay lots) and it can be separately priced and built by any builder. Tate Construction’s current price is valid until 31 January 2023.