Ecovillage homes will come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a fully costed design from one of our House & Land Packages or you can design and build your own custom home. No matter which option you choose, all Witchcliffe Ecovillage homes will be guided by the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines to ensure they share the common thread of being highly sustainable, energy efficient and aesthetically representative of this beautiful place.

your two building options at the Ecovillage

House & Land Package

Our suite of Ecovillage house designs are the most sustainable and affordable house designs on the market, and we want to ensure you have this choice available to you when deciding on what, when and how to build. There are many benefits to choosing a House & Land Package, which will save you time and give you certainty, including:

  • The designs are a fixed build price with one of our preferred local builders.
  • They meet our Sustainable Building Design Guidelines (BDGs) and specify appropriate natural materials.
  • They are made to perfectly fit the block type and are able to meet the Local Development Plans (LDPs).
  • They have already undergone the mandatory thermal and life cycle assessments we require of all Ecovillage house designs.
  • You can skip the Ecovillage design review process and jump straight to acquiring a Builders’ Permit with the AMR Shire, which will fast-track your timeline.

Custom Home

Fancy designing your own bespoke home? Know a great architect? Want to try your hand at Owner Builder? Got a mate with a builder’s license?

All of these options are available to you if you’d rather head down the custom homes route. The key thing to remember is that all Ecovillage homes, regardless of who designs and builds them, must meet the requirements detailed in the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines. Each house design will also need to undergo a Life Cycle Assessment and a NatHERS thermal assessment, in addition to a building review process by the Ecovillage Design Team before it is submitted to the Augusta-Margaret River Shire for building approval.

Our Preferred Suppliers page has recommendations on local designers, architects, builders, thermal assessors and structural engineers.