“A life of expanded social opportunities is a big attraction to ecovillage living, and this may be the ecovillage’s greatest asset.” – Gaia Education

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage has been designed to encourage the building of strong community relationships within and beyond the Ecovillage itself. Beginning with a developer-led induction and education process and community building activities in the early stages of the development, community activities will evolve organically over time to reflect the interests and passions of the future residents.

Participation in the community is driven by individual preference with everyone giving the time and energy they can afford and want to give. We anticipate many residents catching up over a morning cuppa in their community garden, some are getting involved in the management of the body while others prefer to help care for the conservation zones, and others are just coming along to community garden parties with a plate to share.

We’re no longer just imagining…

  • gardening, chatting, sharing and cooking in the community garden clusters
  • yoga and meditation classes, and sustainable living workshops in the Community Hall
  • market days, outdoor movies and concerts in the Village Square
  • planting busy bees in the conservation bushland
  • meeting friends and neighbours for a lazy lunch at the tavern
  • pasta sauce cook-offs and garden parties in the clusters
  • fishing, kayaking and swimming in the dams
  • bike riding and walking along the trail network
  • sports, games and activities on the playing field
  • and so much more.
Image taken at Margaret River Organic Garden by @russellordphoto

Unity In Diversity

We encourage and celebrate diversity in all its forms and are working hard to ensure the Witchcliffe Ecovillage is as inclusive as possible.

Ecovillage lots have been sized and located to suit singles, couples, small and large families, empty-nesters and extended families. Affordable housing lots (Groupies) are included in every residential cluster along with dedicated aged and dependent care dwellings. All central path networks are pram and wheelchair friendly, and the Village Square will feature a nature playground with inclusive play equipment, as well as wheelchair accessible landscape features and public furniture.

The Ecovillage also includes native bush food plants created with the guidance from the local Wadandi traditional owners, to acknowledge and celebrate Wadandi cultural knowledge and environmental care.

Ecovillage community online

We are in a digital age and there are now many tools to help a community connect and communicate easily and efficiently. We have created a Private Ecovillage Community Facebook Group for residents only. Invitations are sent once buyers have settled on their lots. This online community will facilitate future neighbours getting to know one another before they are physically living in the Ecovillage and help people coordinate activities within clusters and the wider Ecovillage. Of course, participation in this Facebook Group is entirely optional.

Visit the Witchcliffe Ecovillage on FacebookInstagram and Youtube to see what we’re up to and start a conversation. Maybe you’ll meet your future neighbour!

Residents of the Ecovillage are invited to join the private WEV Facebook Community Group.