Ecovillage Master Plan

The Ecovillage Concept Master Plan offers a broad overview of the entire 120ha site. Click on the blue pulsing dots to see all the key features. Visualise life in the community gardens through our beautifully illustrated cluster plans and find your perfect lot.

Download the Ecovillage Concept master plan

NAASA certified organic vineyard - Agricultural lot

Wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater irrigation zone

Treated wastewater storage pond

Top of the natural water catchment

Southern dam

Northern "Stingray" dam

Central dam

Wolghine Square

Backpackers accommodation

Creative Hub

Food Hub

Mixed Use Lots

Village Pub

Community Centre and Ecovillage sales office


Nature Playground

Residential / Short Stay Lots

3C Residential / Short Stay Lots

4D Residential / Short Stay Lots

5C Residential / Short Stay Lots

3D Agricultural Lots

Conservation zone

Conservation zone

Proposed education precinct

Proposed amphitheatre

Commercial precinct

Playing field

Aged and Dependent Care Lot

3E - R30/R40 zoning (allows up to 5 lots similar in size to the Groupie lots)

4E - R30/R40 zoning (allows up to 5 lots similar in size to the Groupie lots)

5D Garden Lots

Avocado orchard

Proposed site for future winery

Avocado orchard
Ecovillage Master Plan 1