The Document Library will be a repository of all the important documents you’ll need to read and understand if you want to become a resident of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. We are constantly adding new links to important documents and recommended reading to this page as they are finalised, so be sure to check back here often.

Ecovillage Information Handbooks

These handbooks are a great place to start getting to know the Ecovillage. They offer plenty of detailed information and are sure to answer many of your questions.

While the information provided in these handbooks is accurate at the time of publication (May 2020), some may still be marked as DRAFT until such time as we achieve our subdivision clearances, the LDPs are approved by WAPC and the Strata By-Laws company is registered with Landgate.

Ecovillage Sustainable Building Design Guidelines

Draft Sustainable Building Design Guidelines (current as at July 2020)

Lot Inclusions & Eligibility Criteria

Draft Local Development Plans (LDPs)

An LDP “is a mechanism used to coordinate and assist in achieving better built form outcomes by linking lot design to future development”. LDPs can supplement or amend the development requirements within the Residential Design Codes and are signed off by the Shire (on behalf of the WAPC). Our LDPs cover boundary setbacks, building height, primary dwelling orientation; locations for rainwater tanks; crossover locations; building materials; fencing and retaining walls.

Ecovillage Structure Plan – Land Use Map

Ecovillage Structure Plan – Land Use Map (November 2017)

This Land Use map shows the ‘Village Centre’ zoning and can be used to ascertain which lots are included within the 50m radius of a ‘Village Centre’ zone, a condition required under the Shire’s Local Planning Policy 7 - Short Stay Accommodation. This means that homes built on lots within this area would be able to be used as short stay accommodation with Shire approval.

Ecovillage Sales Contract Pack

If you are interested or ready to purchase a lot in the Ecovillage, please contact us at [email protected] to book a sales meeting, which will begin the the sales process.

Secure links to the documents that comprise the Ecovillage sales contract pack will be made available to you during that process. Once you’ve read through everything and are ready to proceed, we will send you a sales contract and disclosure statement for you to sign electronically through Docusign, as well as details on how to transfer your $5,000 deposit to our settlement agent to secure your lot.

Ecovillage Life Cycle Assessment Report

Life Cycle Assessment of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Passive Solar Cottage Lot Base Case Design and Design Options – June 2020

Life Cycle Logic was commissioned to conduct this LCA study to inform the development of the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines for the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. The study aimed to conduct an LCA on a base case building design, which would act as a benchmark against which a range of design options could be compared.

Ecovillage Bushfire Management Plan

Witchcliffe Ecovillage Bushfire Management Plan (2019)

Augusta-Margaret River Shire Planning Documents

Local Planning Policy 7 – Short Stay Accommodation
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the appropriate location, scale, use and management of short stay accommodation in the Shire. 

PS01 Ancillary Dwellings
“Ancillary Dwelling” (or Granny Flat) refers to the development of ancillary self-contained accommodation on the same lot as a single house.

Local Planning Scheme No. 1
This document (specifically pages 38-42) provides information relating to allowed land uses in the ‘Village Centre’ zone, e.g. what type of businesses can operate.