The Witchcliffe Ecovillage has been designed with a variety of lot sizes and uses in order to encourage a diverse community. From singles and couples of all ages (including first home owners) to families, retirees, aged and dependent people: all are welcome and catered for within our suite of seven different residential lot options.

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Land in the Ecovillage

In addition to facilitating a broad demographic, our range of different lot products will encourage those who want to work from home, artists and artisans who want to create, and those who wish to run a small business or organic farm enterprise. Dedicated affordable housing (Groupie lots) is available to eligible, low-income households and and aged and dependent care housing is available to over 55’s through Kyloring Housing Cooperative. Visit our Document Library to download the Groupie Eligibility criteria.

All homes in the Witchcliffe Ecovillage will be required to be:

  • 100% self sufficient in renewable energy from rooftop solar panels and centralised (at cluster-level) battery storage
  • 100% self-sufficient in water with household rainwater tanks
  • passive solar designed, carbon negative and energy and water efficient
  • where possible, made of local and alternative materials to reduce embodied energy
  • complementary to the existing rural character of Witchcliffe.