The backpackers will offer fun and funky, budget-conscious, short stay accommodation: the perfect place to get a taste of Ecovillage life.

It will be part of the social hub at the heart of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage and is open to everyone: residents, locals, travellers, ecovillage students and backpackers.

The whole building will have a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, sustainability and innovation, from the building materials, fit-out and furniture to the services and operation of the business.

Prominent at the entrance to the Village Square, it will offer a cool, relaxed, comfortable hang-out spaces inside that will spill out to the shade trees on the Village Square. Still to be fully designed, we envisage open plan, multi-use spaces and varied seating arrangements where people can meet, chat, read and enjoy internet access. The tavern and café, just across the Square from the backpackers, will offer delicious, locally-sourced food and drink options for any time of day or evening.

We love the energy and international vibe that backpackers bring to our region. These young globetrotters are interested in sustainability and community, and are a central part of our economy, working on farms, vineyards and orchards throughout the South West. So we thought it appropriate to celebrate their vital contribution by accomodating them in the heart of the Village Square.

Image of Hive Hostel, Perth.