Stage 1 Lots On Sale Soon

What’s being built in Stage 1?

Stage 1 includes three residential clusters, the Village Square, tavern, nature playground, community hall, cafe, playing field and three dams that are already full of beautiful, fresh water.

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What lot types are available in Stage 1?

Residential clusters 1A, 1B and 1C have a standard mix of lot types including Family (827 sqm – 1,252 sqm), Cottage (432 sqm – 634 sqm) and Groupie (360 sqm).

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How do I purchase a lot?

Register your interest now to receive priority access to and notification of our Site Tours and Stage 1 sales, which will commence in April 2020. 

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Ecovillage Concept Plans

Ecovillage Features

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage will become a thriving, bustling, fully integrated community of people who can live, work and play all in the same place. There will be many opportunities for sustainable businesses and creative pursuits that will benefit the community and the wider Margaret River region. The Ecovillage will cultivate a strong sharing economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and, above all, community cohesion.