what’s going on at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage?

Reserve a lot in Stage 4 

Lot allocations from the Stage 4 ballot are now complete. We received an incredible 34 applications in one week! Check out our 4A, 4B and 4D plans to see what’s still available.

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Taking a break from sales tours

We’re taking a break from Stage 4 site tours for a couple of weeks. Once civil construction is completed, we will have access to the site during the week for tours. 

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Stage 4 Aerial Sales Tour #2

This short film published on 17 May is a sequel to the first drone video we shot in February of Stage 4 construction and shows the remarkable progress of the site.

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stage 3 sold out Stage 4 now open

Ecovillage Features

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage will become a thriving, bustling, fully integrated community of people who can live, work and play all in the same place. There will be many opportunities for sustainable businesses and creative pursuits that will benefit the community and the wider Margaret River region. The Ecovillage will cultivate a strong sharing economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and, above all, community cohesion.

Acknowledgement of Country 

We acknowledge that the Witchcliffe Ecovillage is located on Wardandi country, country of saltwater people, and that our streams are tributaries that flow to Pibulmen country, country of plenty, to join the great Goorbilyup, the Blackwood River.
We pay our respects to Wadandi and Pibulmen elders, past and present, and commit to listen to, learn from and look after this country to the best of our ability.