The dwellings on Groupie lots are designed to be a very sustainable small home with low ongoing living costs, suitable for someone with a lower asset base or income. We have spent a lot of time and effort researching, designing and doing deals with suppliers to ensure we can offer our residents the best possible design and efficiency outcomes coupled with the best price for a complete home. This is a very special product indeed.

Groupie lots and small house designs

  • Groupie lot size is 360 sqm in Stage 1
  • 3 people maximum occupancy 
  • Available as land only or in a House & Land Package
  • All-inclusive house and land package priced from $350,000

As a premium holiday destination, Margaret River real estate has historically maintained regionally high property and rental values, placing housing stress on many low to mid income households. Although not a planning requirement, each stage of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage will include a dedicated, developer-funded affordable housing component, as well as providing opportunities for affordable living initiatives to reduce the cost of living throughout the whole Ecovillage.

The Groupie homes are two bedroom one bathroom and designed ideally for singles, couples or small families with a total occupancy of no more than three people. This is set by the available roof area, which determines the amount of rainwater that can be captured and on which the household is dependent.

Groupie House & Land Package:
what is included?

We expect to be able to supply a 70sqm, two bedroom, well-built solar passive home with excellent insulation, double glazing, open plan north-facing living room, solar panels, rain water tanks, carport and solar pergola, plus an additional exclusive use community garden area ranging from 60 sqm – 80 sqm, and connection to microgrid and battery for $350,000.

For more information about what’s included in every Ecovillage lot, click here.

Groupie house design concept
The first house design concept for our Groupie Lots.

Groupie Lot Eligibility

(Current as at May 2020)

The dwellings on Groupie lots are designed to be a very sustainable small home with low ongoing living costs, suitable for someone with a lower asset base or income. They feature the same high standard of building quality and sustainability as houses throughout the Ecovillage and will have access to all of the benefits of Ecovillage life, including connection to the community microgrid and battery bank and dedicated food growing areas in the adjacent community gardens. The Groupie houses are limited to a 100sqm floorplan and due to roof/water tank capacity, they are suitable for 1-3 person households.

Our intention when including these smaller lots in the Ecovillage masterplan was to provide lot diversity and create opportunities for people who might otherwise miss out on being a part of the Ecovillage. To that end, we have created five Groupie lots in each cluster, of which one lot in each cluster is a potential investment property, to ensure that some small and affordable rental opportunities are available.

To be eligible to purchase a Groupie lot in Stage 1, you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions (in your purchaser category).


  1. I don’t currently own a property OR I am selling my existing home to buy into the Ecovillage.
  2. I plan to live permanently in my Ecovillage home.
  3. My household income is within the allowed limits of less than $85,000 (singles) or $110,000 (couples).
  4. My household assets are valued under the allowed limit of $500,000 (singles) or $600,000 (couples and over 55’s).


  1. I do not plan to live in my Ecovillage investment house.
  2. I will commence building within 12 months and offer the home for long term (min. 12mths) rental within 24 months of settlement.

If you do not strictly fit our eligibility requirements but feel that extenuating personal or financial circumstances mean that you are suitable candidate for a Groupie lot, please contact us. We reserve the right to decide eligibility for Groupie lots on a case by case basis.