There are seven residential lot types available, in addition to a variety of commercial use lots suitable for retail, agricultural, office and service industries.

Lot Pricing

There are Family, Cottage and Groupie lot types in all the residential community garden clusters. The lot prices are likely to increase with each stage in line with our increased infrastructure costs. However, we are doing our best to keep lots as affordable as possible.

Our remaining residential clusters will be sold through a ballot application process through which we will invite buyers to list lots in order of preference. Applicants who are cash buyers or who have pre-approved finance will take precedence. 

The prices for each individual lots are available on the cluster plans, which you can view under the Ecovillage Plans menu. You can also download a hardcopy PDF of each of the cluster plans with lot pricing below.

Ancillary Dwellings (Granny Flats)

All Family, Cottage and Lifestyle lots are zoned to allow residents to build an ancillary dwelling (under 70sqm in size), which can be used for extended family and guests, as well as a long-term rental (not short stay) under current Shire planning regulations.

Download the AMR Shire Ancillary Dwelling Information Sheet.

Exclusive Use Garden Areas (EUA) 

The shared cluster gardens will be beautiful, productive places with orchards, chicken runs, ponds, meeting places and picnic spots, as well as allotment-style vegetable gardens. Every privately-owned lot that forms part of a residential cluster is allocated its own exclusive use vegetable patch in the community garden adjacent or nearby to their lot, ranging in size from approximately 80 – 200sqm according to lot type.