Construction of the Ecovillage Community Centre was completed in December 2022, following which the WEV team moved its sales office into the beautiful space. The WEV development team and Village Homes Realty will operate from this building until the project is complete, at which time it will be handed over to the Ecovillage community. 

The Community Centre is located on Ecovillage Commons land, which means it is owned by all Ecovillage residents through their strata clusters. It is a beautiful, multi-purpose space for sharing, enjoying, meeting, learning and celebrating together. Welcoming residents and public alike, people will be invited to meet, hang out, view the displays explaining the Ecovillage, use the resource library, book swap and community noticeboard.

As its name suggests, the Community Centre is for the community to use, in a myriad of ways. It has a multi-purpose function space with a commercial kitchen, toilets and flexible internal options to tailor the space for community get-togethers, art exhibitions, performances, movies, music, and group activities like yoga, meditation, art and craft classes, book clubs – the options are endless! When not catering for functions, the kitchen can be used for cooking classes, community feasts, annual tomato sauce cook-offs, and surplus produce processing.

With its practical facilities, generous size, flexible layout, natural building materials, passive solar design and rooftop PV, the Community Centre is sustainable, efficient and beautiful: the quintessence of our village life.