The Village Square will be the heart and soul of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage with many of the project’s key public buildings opening out onto its beautiful green spaces.

These include the tavern, community hall, café and adjoining nature playground, Creative Hub, backpackers’ accommodation and mixed use lots, which have residential living above and ground floor retail or studio / workshops opening out onto the Square.

The Village Square itself will be a pedestrian-only space, landscaped with shade trees, public art and street furniture with plenty of spots to park your bike, sit and have a chat, play chess, picnic or listen to some busking. We envisage regular food and crafts markets, performances, exhibitions, outdoor theatre / cinema and other small-scale events. Accessibility will be a feature of the Village Square design, to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the public facilities.

Adjacent to the Square will be a landscaped park with flowing pedestrian and cycle paths, more seating, a BBQ area for picnics, petanque, nature playground and bush tucker garden, which adjoins the playing field and the beginning of the longer Ecovillage walk trails.

Village Square 1