Community garden landscaping underway

Landscape update – Mar 2022

Landscape contractor LD Total is well underway with work in the community gardens of Stages 1-2 with trees, shrubs, lawn, reticulation, orchard infrastructure, fruit trees, play equipment, fire pits and stone walls all on the agenda for the next 4-5 months. Stage 3 landscaping works are due to start in late March. Landscaping progress will roll through Stage 1 clusters first, through Stage 2 and finally into Stage 3. Our 12 resident households will be thrilled as the world starts to green up around them.

Street tree installation commenced in the first week of March when the root control barriers arrived, with irrigation, tree install, mulching and staking to immediately follow now that the heat of summer has passed. We ask residents and their builders to ensure all care is taken around the trees once completed.

We’ve experienced some delays in securing all of the materials needed for the community gardens due to COVID and transport shortages, but everything is on order, and we’re assured that everything is now secured and on its way to us on site.

The talented stonemasons from Uralba Stone, who did all our beautiful stonework in Wolghine Square, are in high demand throughout the region, and are aiming to be on site before the end of March. We are aiming to have the landscape works completed on Stages 1-2 by the end of May 2022.