Suitable for Tourism and 4D Short Stay Lots


Award-winning designer, Arcologic, was engaged to create a unique house design exclusively for the Tourism Lots to make the most of their function, form and natural assets. Bold architectural lines are softened by natural materials, living fences and spacious indoor/outdoor areas, all of which are bathed in the northern light that also delivers 100% of its renewable energy needs.

The Holidaymaker is a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom home with an optional 1×1 studio. Like all passive solar Ecovillage homes, this design will be self-sufficient in solar energy and rainwater, and thermally efficient, which means toasty warm in winter, and cool and breezy in summer.

While this design was created specifically for the centrally-located Tourism lots, it will also fit the 4D Residential / Short Stay lots and any lot that is at least 36m long. If you are a prospective investor and would like to express your interest in the Holidaymaker on a Tourism lot or a 4D Short Stay lot, please call the WEV office for a preliminary chat, following which we will send you a marketing pack containing:

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Download Floor Plans
2 x 2 + 1 x 1 studio option



Option 1: HOUSE

2 bedroom 2 bathroom single storey home
Pricing available on application

The base home price includes solar battery, fencing, water tank, pump, landscaping and reticulation. See specification schedule for full details. 

Option 2: ADD STUDIO 

Additional ancillary 1 bedroom 1 bathroom studio option
Pricing available on application


5kW solar system including PV panels, inverter and connection to battery by Integrated Electrical. Download the flyer

Land and house contract information

Ecovillage Pre-designed Homes + lot consist of two wholly separate contracts: for the land and the house.

  1. Buyers must purchase and settle on an Ecovillage lot first from the developer, Sustainable Settlements. If you need finance, you’ll need to apply for a separate loan from a financial institution for the land. 
  2. Buyers then enter into a separate financial agreement and building contract with Tate Construction, our nominated builder for this particular house design. Sustainable Settlements (the Witchcliffe Ecovillage) is not involved in this process and you will need to work directly with Tate Construction and your financial institution during the home building process. Contact Tate Construction directly on 08 9757 3913 or email [email protected]

Key Features & Inclusions

  • Timber construction and timber feature cladding
  • Zincalume roofing
  • uPVC double glazed doors and windows
  • Honed and sealed concrete floors and tiled bathrooms / laundry
  • Quality kitchen appliances installed
  • Pioneer GT40 zincalume rainwater tank and pump
  • Reclaim 250L heat pump hot water system

(Refer to Specifications Schedule for more detail.)

Sustainability Features

  • Passive solar design
  • Well insulated, thermally efficient home
  • Low embodied energy materials (carbon negative)
  • Self-sufficient in solar energy
  • Self-sufficient in rainwater
  • 8.5 star NatHERS thermal rating
  • Life cycle assessment completed

Documentation and Certifications

This specification schedule is for the Holidaymaker house design and forms part of the advertised price. 

Download Specification schedule

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is a star rating system (out of 10) that rates the thermal efficiency of the home’s design. In other words, how well the house can stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year without artificial heating or cooling.  Every Ecovillage home must achieve a minimum of 8 stars. Read more on our Sustainability Assessments page.

The Holiday-maker has achieved a 8.5 star NatHERS rating.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an excellent method for measuring the environmental impact of a building by assessing “every single impact aspect of a product or process over its entire life span. We require every Ecovillage home to undertake an LCA. Read more about Sustainability Assessments here.

We have required Tate Construction to undertake an independent financial health check using and to make this available to any prospective clients on request.