Our design team is developing a range of sustainable house designs to fit each of the three main lot types: Family, Cottage and Groupie. As we finalise each set of house designs and costings, we will upload them to the website.

Download our BUILDING YOUR HOME HANDBOOK 2020 for detailed information about building in the Ecovillage including cluster and lot orientation, passive solar design, budgeting, BDGs, LDPs, LCA, ancillary dwellings, materials, bushfire risk and the design assessment process.

We are also liaising with a number of local builders who specialise in straw bale, hempcrete and timber frame construction (the three main structural frameworks we are advocating for use in the Ecovillage). We will be inviting those builders who meet our Sustainable Building Design Guidelines (BDGs) to also create a range of house designs as options for residents.

However, new owners can choose to design and build their own homes as owner builders or with a licensed builder provided their house designs conform to the BDGs. This important document is recommended reading for all Ecovillage residents and is available for download from the Document Library.

The Groupie

The first house design concept for our Groupie Lots.
Groupie house design concept