Civil construction nears completion

Bruce “Bruzza” from Kerbing West putting finishing touches on the wide kerb beam through the piazza as the site supervisor, Jamie looks on in the background.

As we get closer to the completion of civil construction for clusters 1A, 1B, 1C and 2B, action on site has been intense. With a lot of kerbing and paths now being laid, we are seeing the fruits of many years of planning and design work rapidly taking shape.

Margaret River Cowaramup Electrical Services has completed installation of microgrids in the first three clusters and irrigation mains have been installed in the community gardens by Nutrien Water (Total Eden). Works are continuing on the microgrids and irrigation in clusters 2A and 2B, as well as preparation for feature lighting in the Village Centre.

Kerbing and path contractors have also completed work on Stage 1 roads and are now installing kerbing and paths in in the Village Centre. The highly skilled stonemasons from Uralba Stone are also nearing completion of extensive works that commenced before winter. It’s exciting to see our commercial centre and pedestrian focused entry to the Village Centre taking shape.

Wormall is still undertaking heavy construction works and has now commenced the embankment for the central dam crossing. We needed to wait until well into summer when we could empty the central dam so that we could clean out soft and wet material to make a stable base for the road. This causeway will connect Stages 1-3 in the northern half of the Ecovillage with the future Stages 4 and 5, which sit to the south of the central dam.

We have experienced some challenges with the weather ranging from a very windy summer to unseasonal rain. Wormall has taken extensive measures to control dust including two water carts operating continuously, installation of wind fencing, programming dusty work when there is less wind, and stabilising exposed areas with hydromulch. However, the rain has been the most helpful. While we lost a bit of time waiting for the ground to dry before heavy machinery could return, it has stopped the dust in its tracks. Experiencing around 100mm of rain over a couple of days (unfortunately the official rain gauge appears to have gone offline and missed much of the rain) was also helpful in seeing our drainage system working as designed.

We are looking forward to watching asphalt being laid soon, which is a major milestone at the end of the program. We hope you enjoy this brief video of our civil construction progress.