Private Facebook Group for Ecovillage residents

With 93 lots either settled, under contract or reserved, we now well and truly have an Ecovillage community. Our first community event was an unmitigated success and so the time was right to connect residents online and launch the Ecovillage Community Facebook Group.

This is a private, invitation-only group for future Ecovillage residents. Once buyers have settled on their lots, they will be eligible to participate.

We explored a range of different online social networking options and after considerable research and discussion, we settled on Facebook Groups as the most suitable application for our needs. We understand that not everyone is a Facebook user, and some may not wish to become one. Participation in this Group is completely optional.Importantly, this Group will not be used by the Ecovillage development team as a formal communication or marketing tool. The Sustainable Settlements team will continue to use all our normal communication channels for all sales and marketing-related activities.

How do I become a member of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Community Facebook Group?

  1. New residents or owners who have settled on their lots must first ‘LIKE’ the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Facebook Page, which is an Admin of the Group. This will enable us to invite you.
  2. Importantly, you need to ensure your privacy settings are set to ‘Public’ so that anyone can see the ‘Pages You’ve Liked’. Follow this link for instructions.
  3. If your settings are correct, you should pop up on a list that WEV Admin can see, and then we will be able to invite you to the Group.