160+ street trees planted in Stages 4-5

Landscape Update – Nov 2023

LD Total successfully tendered to continue on the Stage 4 and 5 landscape and irrigation works, and has already completed street tree planting including 85 WA Peppermint Trees, 17 Pecan, 17 Crepe Myrtle and 43 Macadamia trees.

Irrigation pump stations in each cluster are currently being commissioned to allow irrigation of the street trees through the coming summer. We can’t wait to see these beautiful trees begin to grow and flourish, providing more greenery and shade for when residents once they are ready to move in.

Irrigation main line and valve boxes to each EUA will now follow, along with completion of the path crossings and some of the hard landscaping works.

The community sheds in Stages 4-5 are currently out for tender with the view to commencing construction in late January 2024. Therefore, the majority of the landscape works will be held back until the shed pre-lays, site works and concrete pads are completed. Clusters 4A and 4B will then be prioritised for completion to allow planting in May / June 2024 with view to achieving Practical Completion in end of June 2024. The program for completion of 5A and 5B will be reviewed in January and is dependent on the final lot sales and building applications being received.