A trip down memory lane at the Ecovillage

Teena Shervington, Michelle Sheridan, Mike Hulme, John Shervington, Mark Shervington, Katie Shervington, Frank Fox and Bev Fox.

“Very good memories…”

“I loved this place…”

“Happy days here…”

– 80-year-old John Shervington, who was born in Margaret River and spent part of his childhood on what is now the Ecovillage site.

The Witchcliffe Ecovillage team was delighted to host a get-together on Wednesday with a couple of special people who know this site better than most.

For Witchcliffe locals, the names “Shervington” and “Fox” will be familiar as former land owners of the site upon which the Ecovillage will soon be built. John Shervington and Frank Fox, both in their 80s, are sons of those original pioneers, George Shervington and Tom Fox. They and several of their family members visited the Ecovillage office recently for a cuppa and a trip down memory lane.

It was lovely to hear stories from the men about growing up in Margaret River and Witchcliffe, and learn more about the history of this beautiful place and the characters who lived here.

Mike and Michelle gave them an overview of the project and it was gratifying to receive their support and approval for the Ecovillage as the next iteration of life on this land.