Building and Landscaping Update – Dec 2021

Community Centre kicks off in the New Year

The contract for the Community Centre has been let to Tate Construction which is mobilising to site prior to the Christmas break and will commence construction in earnest early in January. Completion of our first public building is scheduled for July 2022.

Community sheds for Christmas

Construction of the community sheds in Cluster 1A, 1B, 1C is coming along well and we are expecting them to be completed before the Christmas break. The balance of community sheds in Clusters 2A, 2B, 3A and 3B are scheduled for completion in early February 2022.

Community garden planting underway

Landscape contractor, LD Total, is back on site and commencing with ground works, irrigation and bollard installation as the Community Sheds come up out of the ground. Unfortunately, due to the limited availability of contractors and materials, the bulk of the works will now occur after Christmas. However, all street and fruiting trees have now been delivered and will roll out in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this and kindly request that access to EUA’s remains limited until LD Total are able to complete their contract.

We’ve also commenced remediation works on the playing field, stripping the weed infested surface layer and installing subsoil drainage. We’re importing 100mm of free draining sand to further assist with the ovals drainage and then will install new roll-on turf on 22-23 December. We’re excited to have this one ticked before Christmas!

The two-year developer maintenance period has now commenced as the Village Square and Stage 1 Streetscapes achieved Practical Completion with the Shire last week. LD Total completed this undertaking on behalf of Sustainable Settlements and Perron Developments, following on from their fantastic construction works. Their high level of maintenance will ensure all plantings are well established prior to the Shire taking over maintenance in the future.

Organic weed control

We will be trialling a number of weed control methods including two Organic spray products (Slasher and HomeSafe) to try and stay on top of the extensive weed growth after such a wet and prolonged winter. You have may also seen CapeLife onsite with their all-natural steam weeder, which is achieving some great results. All of this is intended to provide lasting solutions for management of the Public Spaces and Community Gardens.