Apply to reserve a lot in Cluster 3B sales ballot

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the rapidly growing Witchcliffe Ecovillage community. Lots in Cluster 3B are in demand and we anticipate we’ll receive multiple requests for the same lot. So to ensure an equitable and transparent sales process for all, we are using a preferential ballot system for these premium lots.

If you would like to reserve a lot in Cluster 3B, please fill out the application form below nominating your TOP THREE LOTS in order of preference. Sustainable Settlements (Ecovillage developer) will review applications and make a discretionary decision based on:

  1. An applicant’s financial situation (e.g. cash offer or finance pre-approval will be favourably considered) so we encourage all prospective buyers who will need finance to purchase a lot to gain pre-approval from their preferred lending institution.
  2. When an applicant submitted their sales ballot lot request form.
  3. When an applicant registered their interest on the website, i.e. how long they’ve been following the Ecovillage project.
  4. An applicant’s personal background, aligned values and suitability for the Ecovillage.
  5. Any other factors we deem notable.

The application period will close on Monday, 12 July. We will respond to applicants directly by phone or email during the week 12-16 July as soon as we have made our decisions.

We plan to release Cluster 3A for sale to the market once Cluster 2A has sold out.

Cluster 3B lot titles

We are expecting Landgate to issue lot titles for Cluster 3B around October 2021, which would enable purchasers to settle on their lots in approximately November 2021. We will be able to confirm these dates closer to the sales contract phase.

Building timeframe

Ecovillage lots have a three-year building timeframe to deter land speculators and ensure we’re not all living in an endless construction zone. Once your lot has settled, you will have two years to start building and a further year to complete your home, so three years in total.