Community gardens and southern entry

Landscape & Civil Update – April 2023

The WEV landscape team handed over the Cluster 2A and 2B community gardens to their communities at the inaugural AGM of their Strata Councils in March.

With all the landscape and infrastructure work now completed in these two clusters and the tally of residents living there growing steadily, these little micro-communities are starting to really thrive, which is wonderful to see.

Credit must go to the “pioneer” residents of Clusters 1A, 1B and 1C who were the first to take over management of their own community gardens and are doing a fantastic job keeping on top of weeds, mulching and planting new fruit trees and natives here and there. The play equipment, lawn areas and sandpits are being well used by the roaming tribe of Ecovillage kids who play in the various clusters.

The focus of landscape contractors, LD Total, has now shifted to Clusters 3A and 3B where the hard works are nearly finished and all works completed by the end of June. Remaining landscape and revegetation work around the dams and nature bunds will commence this winter.

Road works at the Ecovillage’s southern entry at the Main Roads intersection of Bussell Hwy and Mulal Avenue are complete pending Main Roads sign-off. This is an exciting development and will mean visitors have direct access from the highway to Stages 4 and 5, which coincides perfectly with the issue of lot titles for Stage 4 buyers.