Construction update – Oct 2019

We are now well into preparations for commencing our first stage of civil construction work.

We are finalising engineering drawings now in readiness for construction tenders and final Shire and Main Roads construction approvals. We are planning to invite tenders for civil works including roads, paths, sewers, electrical and communications services and irrigation mains this month ready for commencing construction in early 2020. This is a critically important step in the project and the catalyst for postponing the Open Day.

The sewerage scheme, which requires sign-off from three separate government bodies, is now well progressed with a works approval for construction of the sewerage treatment plant from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation now in place. The Economic Regulation Authority has closed the advertising period for the Witchcliffe Sewerage Scheme and is now completing its final assessment. The WA Department of Health is in its final stages of assessment following completion of an independent technical review of the system.

The avocado trees the garden team has so diligently been nurturing in their shadehouse tunnels since early this year are about to be planted out into well-prepped soil mounds. We have also commenced the establishment of a woodlot, which will be used for irrigation and reuse of treated water, so that the plantation is well established prior to being required for treated water irrigation.

The dams that were completed in June have been filling steadily and are nearly full despite a drier than average winter. This is a good result given the absence of hard surfaces such as roads, paths and roofs that will generate additional runoff and help to recharge the dams and natural streams more quickly when the site has been developed.