Construction update: dam building

Construction has commenced on two new dams at the Ecovillage. The dams are a key part of our strategy to capture stormwater runoff from the village and to recycle it for use in growing food in the community gardens and agricultural lots. They will also enable us to maintain high quality landscaping and recreational areas through the Ecovillage.

The dams will be fitted with bypass pipes to maintain ecological flows in season creeks downstream from the dam, while the dams also provide protection from increased flows that would otherwise occur due to runoff from roads, roofs and other hard surfaces with urban development.

The first dam is now well underway with overburden removal well progressed and the dam wall starting to take shape.

Construction of the dams has also allowed us to commence placement of fill for the oval and to commence construction of earth mounds that will screen the development and block out highway noise. We are using good quality, free draining fill for building up the oval. Material that is too rocky or clayey is being used to make the mounds. Later in the year, the mounds will be shaped up, covered with topsoil and planted out.

We have also started shaping up some mounds for an avocado plantation in the south of the site. The plantation is part of our wastewater recycling strategy and we are establishing the first stage of the plantation ahead of the treatment works so that the trees are well established before we commence irrigating with treated water.