Ecovillage Sales Office closed for the holidays 

It’s impossible to sum up a year like 2022, other than to say, PHEW! The Ecovillage team, like so many of you, will be taking a good long break to recharge our (solar) batteries and soak up that summer sunshine. 

I’m looking forward to lazy days at the beach and stingray dam at the Ecovillage with my dog and kids, reacquainting myself with gardening and planning the EUA on my Ecovillage lot, reading the newspaper from front to back, bicycling to the Margaret River Farmers’ Markets, perhaps a long winery lunch with friends, and excitedly welcoming international family back to WA for the first time in years.

What do your holiday plans look like? Visiting the Ecovillage perhaps?

From a sales perspective, we’re probably mad not to take full advantage of the surge in tourists visiting the region, perusing real estate, and having those long, lazy discussions about tree change lifestyles that you tend to have while relaxing on holiday. We’re trying to live our ethos of slowing down and simplifying, but ironically, it’s been another incredibly busy year for the Sustainable Settlements team, and we need a bit of R&R so we can return refreshed in 2023 to launch our fifth and final stage.

So, we will be closing the Sales Office for a month on Friday, 16 December 2022 at 5:00pm and reopen at 9:00am on Monday, 16 January 2023. While our office phone will be unattended, voice messages and emails will be monitored periodically. 

D.I.Y. site tours during the holidays

With the sales office closed for a month, the Ecovillage sales team will not be offering guided tours. However, we are thrilled to report that the civil works on Stages 4 and 5 are completed and all approvals achieved. This means clusters 4A, 4B, 5A and 5B, and residential / short stay lots 4D and 5C are now open to the public.

Access to stages 4-5 is through Stage 1 via the causeway bridge over the central dam on Kyloring Drive. Alternatively, visitors can turn off Bussell Highway onto Davis Road at the southern end of the site and then left onto Gilgie Drive, and drive past the wastewater treatment plant and avocado orchard. Please drive only on the roads and walk on the footpaths that wind through the clusters.

Please note, Stage 5 is not yet for sale, so we don’t have plans or pricing for these clusters at this point.

Signage and plans for visitors 

To help visitors navigate the Ecovillage while the Sales Team takes a break over the holiday period, we have signage installed in Wolghine Square, on the corner of one of the commercial lots just inside the main northern entry to the Ecovillage, as well as a new sign near the Community Centre. 

The signs have a large Master Plan with a YOU ARE HERE pin to locate you, as well as current sales plans for:

  • Residential clusters 4A and 4B
  • Residential / Short Stay lots 3C and 4D
  • Residential Garden lots 3E
  • Commercial lots – Comm 1 and Comm 2

Each cluster map also includes a QR code that visitors can scan with their mobile device to open an up-to-date sales map on our website, which shows current available lots indicated by interactive green dots that you click for more information. If you prefer to hold a printed plan in your hand as you drive or walk around, please help yourself to paper copies of the Ecovillage Master Plan and sales plans, which will be available in brochure holders mounted on the outside the Ecovillage Community Centre (the new Sales Office).

If you are visiting the Ecovillage and would like to wander through the community gardens, please understand that this is now home to a community of people. Be respectful of their private homes and gardens that they have worked so hard to create. Do not take photos of homes or pick produce without permission from the owners. Importantly, do not enter any construction sites or Ecovillage Commons land. There are security cameras throughout the Ecovillage while building works are under way.

The Ecovillage Sales Team will be back on deck from 9:00am on Monday, 16 January 2023 but feel free to email [email protected] if you have questions or would like to book a meeting.