Ecovillage street names approved

Ecovillage street names honour the Wadandi/Pibulmen cultural heritage of the Witchcliffe area

We are excited to announce that the Ecovillage now has official street names for Stage 1, 2 and 3 roads approved by Landgate. We have chosen names that refer to the Wadandi/Pibulmen words for various local flora and fauna with important connections to the site. We consulted closely with elders from the Undalup Association, who offered suggestions, shared knowledge and stories associated with the area, and generously gave their permission for us to use Wadandi/Pibulmen words for our street names. We then worked our way through the formal approval process with the Shire and the Landgate Geographic Names Committee.

The official names are: Chiriger Way (Blue Wren), Kyloring Drive (Elegant Parrot), Mannitj Place (White Tailed Black Cockatoo), Wannang Lane (Peppermint Tree), Willerin Lane (Willie Wagtail), Wurriji Place (King Skink), Karrack Crescent (Red Tailed Forest Black Cockatoo), Kulbardi Way (Magpie), Mardo Drive (Yellow Footed Antechinus), Wedup Place (Spotted Pardalote), Yornitj Grove (Masked Owl) and Wolghine Avenue (Wadandi Ocean Spirit).

All of the animals and plants named live on or frequent the Ecovillage land and we hope that using these street names will help people connect with and care for our non-human Ecovillage residents. It is now our intention for each cluster to have one of these animals/plants as their official name and totem.

“Walgine” was the original name given to the East Witchcliffe Group Settlement # 72, which included the Ecovillage land, and we discovered through our consultation with the Webb family that the story of the Wadandi ocean spirit Wolghine is connected to a very significant cave in the Witchcliffe area. We are very honoured to have permission to use this special name and have it associated with the Ecovillage land. Wolghine Square will be the name of our village square when this is formally created as Public Open Space.

While the street names are now confirmed, the roads will not become publicly accessible until they are vested in the Shire when civil works are complete in early 2021. We have started looking into the assignment of street numbers for lots, a process for which the Shire is responsible, and will provide more information about this as it comes to hand.