Ecovillage to become EV hub

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve just ordered 11 x 75kW (double lead) Tritium EV chargers from Perth EV energy specialists Gemtek, all with bank billing facilities. Soon our EV driving tourists will be able to stop in at the Ecovillage and recharge with 100% renewable energy, crediting the relevant cluster strata company, before driving back to Perth. The first three will be installed in our Stage 1 clusters in October this year, followed by two in the Stage 2 clusters in December.

We’re also very pleased to have finally received approval from Western Power for all of our large residential solar systems. So, expect to see those much-anticipated solar systems being installed on Stage 1 roofs soon. We are also close to finalising the service arrangements for the strata companies’ smart micro-grid communications and energy trading systems, which are absolutely world-leading. In the meantime, all of the Ecovillage energy is fully renewable and provided from Delorean Energy’s waste to energy plants.