From paddocks, roads appear

Civil Construction update – Mar 2022

Civil construction of Stages 4 and 5 is well underway as you can see in our Stage 4 drone video. Earthworks are substantially progressed and installation of services like sewer and stormwater is currently underway. These will be followed by power services, retaining walls and road works.

As part of Stages 4 and 5, we will be constructing a second intersection approximately 200m south of town to link the southern part of the Ecovillage to Bussell Highway. We will also construct a causeway road on Kyloring Drive to create an internal road connection across the central dam.

There have been a few minor setbacks but Wormall Civil, Stantec (our engineering consultants) and Chad and Rob from the Ecovillage team are working hard to keep things moving to make our winter deadline, as set by Mother Nature. Practical completion is scheduled for the end of May, but this will largely depend on the impact of seasonal rains.

These final two stages will grow our Ecovillage community by another 127 lots, including 14 Garden lots, 30 Short Stay lots, 35 Family lots, 29 Cottage lots and 19 Groupie lots.