House design reviews are rolling in

Our Design Review process is in full swing, with many residents chomping at the bit to get their house designs approved so they can start building. So far, we’ve issued concept design approval for 30 houses and formal approval for seven of those. Once the approval process is completed, we issue a Letter of Design Compliance, which is then attached to the building permit drawings when they are submitted to the Shire for approval.

Image of custom Groupie house design for Alex Jolly by John Damant of Arcologic Design.

For some, the process can be a bit daunting, but we are happy to provide assistance along the way, answering questions and suggesting design solutions or different products. Yes, we require a lot of information to be submitted but the upshot of this is that you become much more engaged with the details of your building and the systems that support it. I’ve had several residents tell me that they now have a much better appreciation for the detailed thinking and work that has gone into the Ecovillage and the incredible level of sustainability we are now achieving with the buildings.

So far there has been a mix of innovative custom designs and pre-designed homes from our website. What’s been interesting is that many people are starting with one of our pre-designed plans but modifying it in interesting ways to suit their needs, which will give a lovely variety within the overall aesthetic framework set out in the Building Design Guidelines.