THE VILLAGER – Price on enquiry

Cottage Lot

DESIGNED by Nikko design; built by Tate construction

Take in the wonderful freshness of the community gardens and the open air in this spacious design which offers an H shaped layout with an internal courtyard and multiple deck areas.

This fabulous design enables the solar panels to be mounted on the bedroom wing and reduce their visibility from the road and communal areas. The modest ridge heights create a light and unimposing structure, perfect to nestle amongst the trees and the gardens. Large double glazed sliding doors and windows allow the home to be bathed in natural light with cooling cross ventilation, perfectly positioned to allow the morning winter sun to warm the kitchen – a beautiful way to enjoy your morning coffee.

Design, materials and structure have achieved a negative carbon rating (LCA rating to come), and a thermal assessment rating of 7.7 stars, and meet all of the requirements in the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Sustainable Building Design Guidelines. Designed by Nikko Design for Tate Construction, this timber frame home is priced at $403,085. For detailed information about this home, please download the specification schedule below and contact Tate Construction directly.

Tate Construction is offering an additional two design options that are suitable for Cottage lots. The Barn design is a three bedroom, one bathroom home, and The Orchard offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully self-contained ancillary area with a private deck. These latter two designs are available by contacting Tate Construction directly.

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Download Floor Plan

Price on enquiry

Key Features

  • Timber frame construction
  • Zincalume roofing
  • Aluminium double glazed windows
  • Burnished concrete floors and tiled bathrooms / laundry

(Refer to Specifications Schedule for more detail.)

Sustainability Features

  • Passive solar design
  • Well insulated, thermally efficient home
  • Low embodied energy materials (carbon negative)
  • Energy efficient heat pump hot water system
  • Plumbed ready for greywater system
  • Minimum 6.6kW solar PV system (not included)
  • Rainwater tanks and pump (not included)

(Refer to Inclusions / Exclusions List for more detail.)

Pre-designed Home and Land Pricing

An Ecovillage Pre-designed Home and lot consist of two wholly separate contracts: 

  1. Buyers must purchase and settle on an Ecovillage lot first from the developer, Sustainable Settlements. If you need finance, you’ll need to apply for a separate loan from a financial institution for the land. 
  2. Buyers then enter into a separate financial agreement and building contract with their chosen builder. Sustainable Settlements (the Witchcliffe Ecovillage) is not involved in this process. So regardless of whether you opt for a bespoke design and build or you choose a house design from our range of Pre-designed Homes, you will need to work directly with your builder and your financial institution during the home building process.
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Documentation and Certifications

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is a star rating system (out of 10) that rates the thermal efficiency of the home’s design. In other words, how well the house can stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year without artificial heating or cooling.  Every Ecovillage home must achieve a minimum of 7 stars. Read more on our Sustainability Assessments page.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an excellent method for measuring the environmental impact of a building by assessing “every single impact aspect of a product or process over its entire life span. We require every Ecovillage home to undertake an LCA. Read more about Sustainability Assessments here.

The Ecovillage Design Team requested its guild of builders meet the minimum requirements outlined in this General Specification Schedule as part of their tender pricing process for Ecovillage homes. There will be variations in the materials, suppliers and pricing they have assumed for certain items. Consequently, we strongly advise you to discuss the specification schedule and associated pricing of your chosen home in detail with your builder so you understand exactly what is being built.

Download Specification schedule

Please download this Inclusions and Exclusions List to understand what the builders have assumed within their build price.

download inclusions / exclusions list

We have required all our builders to undertake an independent financial health check using and to make this available to any prospective clients on request.