Landscape Update – April 2021

There’s just so much happening in the landscape office as we head into the cooler weather and gear up for the start of planting.

Completed salt-finished concrete footpaths and magnificent stone walls now wind their way through the Village square defining and embracing the space. Boulders and rocks have been carefully curated and placed throughout the swale that runs through the Village Square. Water is coming; just add greenery! Tranen will begin stormwater planting of community garden swales and the Village Square in May.

Concrete for the Piazza (connecting the Food Hub site and the Village Square) has been poured, and reticulation and up-lighting has been installed in the tree hole templates that are laid out in a grid pattern ready for the planting of ornamental Edgewood Pears. Tree planting and furniture will be installed in the coming months.

There is plenty of design still happening and plenty to come for Stages 4 and 5 including detailed design of the community gardens, nature playground and micro-clusters.

Chad Elton joins the Ecovillage team

We are all very excited to welcome Senior Landscape Architect, Chad Elton, to the Ecovillage team. Chad will head up the Ecovillage landscape team and I will stay on but in a part-time role. He brings a huge amount of technical expertise and end-to-end project management experience to the table. He’s also South West born and bred so his local knowledge will be invaluable to the project.