Landscaping comes to the fore

We’re now at an exciting point in the landscape process and have awarded a significant contract to reputable local firm, LD Total South West. LDs will start work in two weeks, planting throughout the Ecovillage public open spaces, community gardens and street trees. We have ordered approximately 100 fruit trees and 900 small flowering natives, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers per cluster. LDs will also construct furniture items such as benches, bollards and boardwalks.

Tranen will finally get started on the revegetation planting in early winter, which was held off last year due to civil works delays. They will be planting out the streetscape swales, and drainage basins and swales in the community gardens. Last year Tranen did a great job planting around the stingray dam, which will provide habitat for water birds and other fauna that use the dam. They are a fantastic local team, and we look forward to working with them again this year.

Uralba Stone has nearly completed the stonework in the Village Square. While the walls look out of place at the moment without any landscaping to soften them, the space will be well defined by these beautiful stone curves. The team will be moving to the serpent entry wall next where stonemason Kashmir Rouw has already orchestrated the placement of boulders at Wolghine Avenue’s entry point, which draws your eye into the Ecovillage.

Another exciting potential development in the works is the design and pricing of a spectacular granite and limestone sound shell for the Village Square. Kashmir and Jordan have been workshopping this incredible piece of infrastructure and hope to have a finalised concept design soon. The sound shell creates an intimate, curved stage with excellent acoustics for live music performances, which will become a focal point of the Village Square experience.

In addition to all of this, we are putting the final touches on the community garden designs for clusters 3A and 3B in anticipation of an Autumn sales release of Stage 3.