Lights, camera, action! Ecovillage on film

When there’s a lull in the regularity of Village Collective newsletters, it’s safe to assume there are myriad other activities going on behind the scenes in the Ecovillage office. I’ve been busy working with Dunsborough-based filmmaker, Michael Fletcher, and animation studio, Constructive Media, to put together a promotional film on the Ecovillage, which I’m very excited to say, will be ready for release in September.

Given the level of interest in the project from far and wide across the world, the film will give those who can’t make it to Witchcliffe for a sales presentation a complete informational overview of the project delivered through interviews with Ecovillage staff. All this will be wrapped up in gorgeous cinematography of our stunning 120ha site and the beautiful natural surrounds of the Margaret River region.

The whole film will be about an hour long but will be broken up into bite-sized chapters covering key themes:

  1. Project Overview – vision, history, sustainability objectives, our team, the site.
  2. Water
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Food, Gardens & Community
  5. Planning, Building & Design
  6. Business & Employment
  7. Strata Ownership & Ecovillage Commons

This is our first major marketing initiative beyond the website. The film will be available on our Youtube channel with shorts produced for our website and social media channels, so feel free to share. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far with the Ecovillage and we’re excited to share our passion project with as wide an audience as possible. Stay tuned.