Marron Whispering at the Ecovillage

Marron Whispering at the Ecovillage 1

Mike Hulme (Ecovillage developer) is never one to pass up an opportunity to get out from behind his desk and get his hands dirty, in this case, quite literally! He and Paul Jurjevich (Ecovillage vigneron) were only too happy to wade into the mud of the middle dam to retrieve these ginormous marron that had been quite happily breeding, undisturbed, for goodness knows how long. Specimens have now been added to the southern and northern dams, in addition to the Carter’s freshwater mussels that were seeded into those dams not long ago. The biodiversity of the Ecovillage continues to grow along with the immeasurable value of these incredible assets to the community.


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Cluster 1A Lot 1


Lot Number: 1
Stage: 1
Lot Type: Cottage
Lot Size: 456m²
Lot Dimensions: 11.26 x 30 x 15.5 x 25.76 x 6
Exclusive Use Garden Area (EUA) Size: 115m²
Total Area (Lot + EUA): 571m²

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