Preferred Supplier Deals

We have always wanted to use our community’s bulk buying potential to negotiate some great deals on products that we’re all going to need, like PVs, heat pumps, rainwater tanks, pumps, etc. We’ve also always been of the view that we only want to recommend the best and most sustainable products, which are never cheap.

At this point we’re excited to confirm that we’ve been able to achieve some fantastic pricing with the best producers in their fields. We always expected that we’d get some good pricing due to the volume we’ll be requiring, but we’ve been so pleased that all of these leading companies have gone above and beyond as they want to be associated with our world leading model of sustainability. This means so much to all of us and we are proud to be able to include them on the preferred suppliers page of our website.

The pricing they have supplied is often so discounted from standard retail prices that we’ve agreed to only disclose the prices to our confirmed lot buyers. So we are making the information available to lot purchasers via each strata’s secure sales contract portal on the Ecovillage website.

Our preferred suppliers include:

  • Tesla – Powerpack batteries in each cluster (included in your lot price)
  • SolarWatt – PVs (German producer with the worlds best PV warranty)
  • Reclaim Energy – Heat Pumps (Japanese CO2 powered heat pump with industry leading performance and warranty)
  • Pioneer Water Tanks – Australian company

We are still finalising deals with other manufactures of various products including, power meters, timber, double glazed windows (timber and uPVC) etc. These will be included on our website preferred suppliers page in due course.