From The Editor’s Desk – December 2020


Lot sales, love and gratitude

It’s been a remarkable year of sales for the Witchcliffe Ecovillage, which we would never have predicted given the prevailing climate of uncertainty that cast a shadow over 2020.

Lot sales have been strong and steady since May when we quietly released Stage 1 to our database and Stage 2 in September. To date we’ve sold 76 lots across five residential clusters, which is extraordinary given that this is wholly a result of word of mouth referrals and our website.

We are humbled and proud to receive so much positive feedback from future residents and prospective buyers on an almost daily basis. We are truly thrilled that our vision of a sustainable, connected community resonates clearly and deeply with so many people from all walks of life, age groups and socio-economic backgrounds.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, your trust and your aligned values, which as more lots are sold, is slowly morphing this unique sustainable village into a beautiful and supportive community of like-minded people.

Stage 1-2 lot titles granted; settlement process begins

On 30 November, we were relieved to finally receive the first of several notifications of titles being issued for lots in Stages 1-2 from Landgate, which has kickstarted the long-awaited settlement process for more than 76 buyers.

All lot buyers who have completed a sales contract and paid their $5,000 deposit will have received notification and further instructions from our settlement agent, Vicki Philipoff Settlements, along with a copy of their Certificate of Title. All further questions regarding settlement should be directed to your settlement agent.

We thank you for your patience. It’s been a long and winding bureaucratic road that we’ve been traversing for 11 years, but it will be so rewarding to finally see action begin on site and the first homes starting to emerge early in the new year.

For prospective buyers still considering joining the Ecovillage community in Stages 1 or 2, with titles in place, there is now no impediment to settling on a lot promptly and getting started on planning the sustainable home of your dreams.

The year ahead


We will resume our popular group sales presentations and walking site tours on Sunday, 24 January 2021. These sales events run for approximately 3.5 hours and include a comprehensive presentation of the Ecovillage project followed by a walking site tour of Stages 1-2. They are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Registration for these events is mandatory. To book your place, please email us on [email protected] and provide the names of the people in your party, a phone number, email and let us know which cluster and lot type you’re interested in.


We expect next year to be equally as busy and productive as 2020 but with the added excitement and challenges of residential building. Depending on exactly when civil works are completed, home builders should gain access to Stage 1 lot sites by 31 January, and Stage 2 and 3 by 28 February 2021, as per your sales contracts. We’ll let builders know if this changes.


Stage 3 lot pricing and plans will most likely be released around March 2021. Keep an eye on your inbox for this newsletter and occasional email updates to ensure you don’t miss out.


We’re planning a media launch in the new year, along with some initial advertising, and anticipate this will generate a huge amount of interest as knowledge of the Ecovillage grows. There are many, as yet, untold stories about the Ecovillage and we can’t wait to begin sharing them with the wider world.


Jeff and Mike from the Ecovillage team recently had a kick-off design meeting with talented architects, Niall Browne and Irene Coveney from Coveney Browne Design, who will be designing the Ecovillage Community Hall, the first of our public community buildings. Niall has extensive experience with commercial and community infrastructure and we’re excited about the ideas and vision that he expressed in our first workshop. We hope to progress through design and planning to enable us to start building towards the end of 2021.