Stage 4 launch postponed until Apr-May

I don’t need to remind anyone living in WA at the moment that our world is subject to constant change. However, it is still with disappointment that we have made the difficult decision to postpone the sales launch of Stage 4 to late April to early May 2022, a month or so later than previously planned.

Covid is wreaking havoc on so many businesses and ours is no exception. We are also reliant on a network of other businesses and government departments to do their bit to enable us to successfully deliver this project, and everyone is under intense pressure juggling Covid restrictions, navigating ever-changing timelines, and dealing with staff shortages.

So, it is with some relief too that we release our pressure valve somewhat and give ourselves the time we need to get through a particularly difficult month and properly prepare our sales documentation pack for the pre-sales release of Stage 4 to the market.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We know there are many people who have been waiting a while for Stage 4 to be released and for that we are incredibly humbled and grateful. We’re sure the wait will be worth it!

Stage 4 sales tours from the air

Unfortunately, sales tours of Stage 4 are not possible as the construction site is out of bounds to anyone other than safety inducted construction personnel. So, we’ve done the next best thing and filmed Stage 4 with a drone to give prospective buyers as much visual information about the lots as we can. Watch the Stage 4 Pre-sales Release Video from 16 February 2022 here. A second drone video with updated footage of Stage 4 showing the civil works progress will be published in mid-late April, through which we’ll do our best to show the wonderful outlook and views from these extraordinary lots. Keep an eye out on the website and Facebook for that.

Finance pre-approval requirements for Stage 4

For buyers who will need a loan to buy their lot, it’s worth noting now, well ahead of the release of Stage 4, that we will only reserve a lot once you can provide us with a finance pre-approval letter from your bank. Unfortunately, we’ve had to tighten our criteria as we cannot indefinitely reserve lots while waiting for buyers to organise their finances when we have such strong sales demand. So, if you are keen on a lot in Stage 4, we strongly advise you to pro-actively organise your finance pre-approval now in anticipation of the late April sales release. Cash buyers and pre-approved finance buyers will be considered favourably when assigning lots in the Cluster 4B and Short Stay lot ballots. We also don’t have any issue with subject to sale offers, but would like confirmation from a licensed real estate agent of the price and expected time required to sell your property.