Who will be living in the Witchcliffe Ecovillage?

This voluntary questionnaire is an opportunity to create a virtual Ecovillage community and get to know your future neighbours before homes are built, gardens are planted, and cups of tea are shared in the community garden.

We’d love you to share some information about yourself and your family so you can get to know the people living near you and vice versa. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend.

This will also help us to better understand the demographics of the burgeoning Ecovillage so we can tailor our communications and services to your needs. 

As founding members of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage, you will be integral in helping to influence and guide the spirit and personality of this unique and beautiful place.

Please note: participation in this questionnaire is entirely optional and no contact information will be collected or shared. However, by participating, you give consent to having the answers you provide publicly displayed on the Ecovillage website.

Get To Know Your Neighbours Questionnaire