Village Homes Realty expands choice

Village Homes Realty is a real estate agency working in and from the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Sales Office representing Ecovillage owners who are selling their sustainable homes and vacant lots.

If you’re driving around the Ecovillage, keep an eye out for Village Homes Realty FOR SALE signs dotted around the established clusters in Stages 1-3. VHR is currently selling a mix of Groupie, Cottage and Family lots in various clusters on behalf of their owners.

Buying a titled lot through VHR offers prospective buyers the opportunity to join a cluster with established community garden infrastructure, landscaping, street trees, strata processes and communication with neighbours. This will help new buyers build and get established in the community with ease.

As in any open market transaction, some of these listed prices are negotiable, and most sellers are open to offers. So, if you’re interested in living in the Ecovillage, lots listed with Village Homes Realty are another option to get you your dream lot in an established cluster.

Excellent sales results for Ecovillage homes

Anyone who’s been following the Ecovillage of late will have already heard about the sale of a 5×3 home + studio on a Family lot in Cluster 2A for $1.25 million and a spacious 2×2 home on a Cottage lot in Cluster 1A for $900,000. The sales have caused a buzz in the Ecovillage among homeowners who are happy to see the market appreciating the value inherent in our high quality, sustainable homes.

Contact VHR sales representatives, Jo or Michelle, on (08) 9717 9722 or email: [email protected]. Visit for lot information.