WEV office moves to the Community Centre

The WEV team is so excited to have moved our office into the bright and shiny new Ecovillage Community Centre a few days ago. We’ve spent many years swallowing the irony of designing passive solar, thermally efficient homes while sitting on heated blankets and shivering in the perpetual cold and gloom of the former Ecovillage office. The converted old farmhouse was a great example of how NOT to build. 

We are thrilled to be working in our beautiful, light-filled, insulated, well-designed new space, which will be home to the Ecovillage office until the development is wholly completed. This extraordinary asset will then be gifted to the community by the developer and owned by Ecovillage Commons Limited, which means all Ecovillage residents will share the ownership and management of this valuable building. 

The building includes a beautiful community hall, which can be divided into two with sound proof panels, an office, ablutions and a wonderful commercial kitchen.  


We’re happy to have moved closer to the existing Ecovillage community and look forward to the casual chats at lunchtime with passersby. We’re looking forward to a party to celebrate the completion of the Community Centre in the new year, but we’ll get ourselves settled first and confirm a date when back at work in mid-January.