From the Editor’s Desk – February 2021

Sales & Marketing Update – February 2021

As the world continues to fight battles on many fronts, there is so much to feel grateful for here in our protected little pocket in WA’s South West. The state’s recent five-day lockdown felt like a walk in the park compared to the endurance marathon so many others are still running.

While civil work on stages 1-3 continued largely unabated through the lockdown, the weather has been less kind. First came relentless gusty winds that whipped up the dust, then came the downpour that turned the site to mud. Wormall Civil is soldiering on despite the challenging conditions and is doing its best to meet the completion deadlines of Stage 1 in March and Stage 2-3 in April.

However, it’s easy to forget all your worries and imagine how idyllic life in the Ecovillage promises to be when it’s beautifully sunny and mild, and the breeze gently ripples the dams; when the organic vegetable garden is growing with such vigour and abundance it’s almost singing, and the ducks are fossicking for slaters while the chooks dust-bathe under the mulberry tree. [Check out our cute little video “Summer’s Bounty – Feb 2021” on the Witchcliffe Ecovillage Youtube channel.]

Media launch and lot sales

Enquiries continue to roll into the Ecovillage sales team, and lots are selling well with 82 lots (out of 109) settled and reserved across Stages 1 and 2. It’s a mighty fine result based on word of mouth and website alone. But now is the time to let the rest of the world know about our secret oasis of sustainability with a planned media and advertising launch to begin in April. We anticipate media attention of this world-leading innovative project will drive a surge of interest and lot sales in the Ecovillage.

We’d like to have our Stage 1 and 2 clusters close to sold out before we release Stage 3 (likely to be in April-May) to encourage the formation of community as most future residents will start building their homes around the same time. Stage 3 includes 27 lots in 3A, 19 lots in 3B as well as the first group of 15 tourism zoned short stay chalets on the north end of the Ecovillage, adjacent to the agricultural lots.

Register for a Sales Presentation and Site Tour

If you’re curious about the Ecovillage and wondering if it’s right for you, we encourage you to come to a Sales Presentation and Site Tour, which will give you an in-depth understanding of the project and its unique sustainability features. The event also offers the opportunity to walk the site and take in the expansive landscape, which includes three magnificent dams, bush conservation zones, an organic vineyard, avocado orchard and demonstration vegetable gardens. We’ll also take a closer look at the developing Village Square and walk the nearly completed road network of Stages 1-2 to view the residential clusters.

Registration is mandatory so if you’d like to attend a presentation and tour, please visit our Events Calendar for upcoming dates or email [email protected]

Meet Your Neighbours Event

We are looking forward to holding our first family-friendly Ecovillage community sundowner for all new residents soon. Buyers in Stage 1-2 who have settled on their lot will be invited to come along and meet their future neighbours. We’ll also have an open Q&A forum with Ecovillage staff and take you out to visit your lot again.

We will email residents directly when we confirm details of this event, along with an invitation to join our private Ecovillage Community Facebook Group.