Putting the finishing touches on Wolghine Square

It has been a VERY WET WINTER and our landscape consultant team, LD Total, has been out in the elements finalising Wolghine Square in readiness for her spring fling. It looks spectacular! In addition to LD Total, we want to thank Nutrien Water and Uralba Stone for all their hard work and attention to detail over a long period, which will help make this village square such a welcoming and inviting space for locals and tourists alike.

While we’re thanking people, our senior landscape architect, Chad Elton, deserves a special shout-out. Despite it not being his area of expertise, he has cheerfully provided crucial support in a civil engineering capacity to obtain clearances on Stages 2 and 3.

Balingup Small Tree Farm provided the last of the bareroot tree stock, which has been planted in Wolghine Square and down our main entry road, Wolghine Avenue. With the warmer weather on the way, some of the trees in the square are starting to bud, which will green up and fill out the space.

Custom bench seats made from Accoya timber and stainless steel that were designed in-house are being installed into Wolghine Square and the Piazza. They are very comfortable to sit on and, while they look great now, they will improve with age as the Accoya greys out.

In the Ecovillage office, we are busy finalising the construction drawings for the cluster landscaping works so that LD Total can begin work in mid-September. This will include the planting of bareroot fruit trees and construction of the netted orchards, installation of play equipment, stormwater swale planting and more. LD’s has nearly completed installing boardwalks in the clusters to create pedestrian links throughout the Ecovillage. Wayfinding lighting bollards have also been installed along the pathways.

We would like to thank residents for their patience and ask that they continue to hold off on commencing any work in their EUA’s until we complete the developer landscape works first.