Stage 1 of the Ecovillage is underway


We are thrilled to announce that we have broken ground and the construction of Stage 1 of the Witchcliffe Ecovillage has finally begun.

This January, we began work on the construction of the Ecovillage dams and stormwater drainage systems, playing field and highway earth bunds. Those of you who live locally or have visited the area over the summer holidays will have noticed some machinery and activity on site. It feels very encouraging for all of us here in the Ecovillage office to have the buzz of construction happening in the background.

As always, we are following best environmental practice in every part of the process including:

  • salvaging vineyard posts and reticulation from the old vineyard for re-use
  • recycling vineyard wire
  • growing cover crops across the whole Ecovillage site in winter 2018 to stabilise the topsoil and minimise dust and erosion
  • retaining all soil from the dam works for landscaping and construction
  • chipping and stockpiling any vegetation that has been removed for future mulching
  • providing low flow bypass pipes to our dams to ensure minimal impact down stream.

Future works and timeframe

In spring 2019, we will begin construction of roads and service infrastructure. This will be followed by the first two residential strata clusters and their community gardens, as well as the Ecovillage Community Centre, the Village Square, playground and playing field.

We expect to complete the construction of Stage 1 around May 2020, with titles issued soon thereafter. 
We will begin marketing the project in winter this year and will have all relevant information available for you then including:

  • lot prices
  • building design guidelines
  • house and land packages
  • sustainable technology packages
  • strata by-laws and fees.

Everyone who has registered their interest will get the first chance to purchase when lots are released for pre-sale. Pre-sale contracts will require a deposit and will settle once construction is completed and Landgate has issued titles.

New staff members

We are also very excited to welcome two new Ecovillage team members: Jo Thierfelder, our new Communications and Marketing Manager, and Jeff Thierfelder, our new Project Manager, Planning and Architecture. Read more about Jo and Jeff in this newsletter or on the team page of our website.

We’d love to hear whether the Ecovillage updated construction and sales timeline still fits in with your plans. We will be sending you an interactive email soon with options for you to indicate whether you are a prospective resident who is keen to buy and live in the Ecovillage or whether your interest in the project is of a general nature. This will help us improve our communications to you in the future. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch, please contact Michelle at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch as we move closer to realising our dream of building the most sustainable community in the world.