Streets & Squares – Oct 2019

Since my last update, we’ve been forging ahead on landscape design works and we’re into the nitty gritty of detailed design. My focus has remained on providing great outcomes for the streetscapes, Village Square, soccer pitch and public open space (POS).

The AMR Shire has given general support to the completed landscape concept design, which is encouraging. We’re now focused on the exciting part of landscape architecture where we turn our concept ideas into a firm reality through sharp documentation and specifications.

Documentation is nearing completion and costings will follow after which we will seek formal Shire approval. We’re about to begin the tender process with contractors to firm up pricing for construction to commence early in 2020. This really is an exciting step in the project and is a time where final decisions on finishes and construction details are decided.

On a personal note…

I will be leaving the Ecovillage team in mid-November and relocating with my family to my wife’s home country of Canada. While I’m looking forward to a new adventure, I am disappointed I won’t be here to assist the team through construction and ultimately see the Ecovillage community develop and the project come to fruition. It’s like an apple tree I have been watering daily for a few years that I’m not going to get to pick an apple from. I feel so lucky and proud to have been a part of something so innovative and sustainable. It has been an incredibly educational, challenging and rewarding project to work on.

Landscape Architect, Nicola Anastas, has recently joined the Ecovillage team and will pick up where I leave off. I have known Nicola since my arrival in Margaret River almost eight years ago and have worked and collaborated with Nicola several times in this period. I am excited for Nicola to take the lead of the landscape works and deliver what is to be a terrific landscape outcome for the Ecovillage. We are working together at the moment as I bring her up to speed on the detail of this complex project. Her focus at the moment is detailing the community garden clusters, a vitally important element that will form the beating heart of daily community life.